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root-sounds is the sample library division of root studio.

root studio has been collecting sounds for more than 30 years. Our first product, released in the mid 1980s, was a patch library for the Sequential Circuits Sixtrak! Remember that thing? Distribution happened on data sheets for you to punch in all the values yourself!

A lot has happened since and massive sound collections were gathered for exclusive use in original productions. Part of this huge catalog is now gradually made available after being painstakingly manipulated and prepared as ready to use products.

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Image of SCI Sixtrak courtesy of Theo Bloderer.

Stefan's blog

February 15th Some people are getting confused as to why Percussive Innuendo does not show up in the library browser in NI Kontakt. I'm explaining it in my new video tutorial here.
January 15th, 2014 Happy new year everyone and thanks for making the new year's sale a success. Lots of exciting stuff in the pipeline here... stay tuned!

December 28th, 2013 30% off sale until January 14th is on now! Your discount is automatically entered for all orders via PayPal. If ordering through Kagi, please use the HI-2014 coupon code. Merry X-mas and a happy new year from root-sounds!
December 4th, 2013 Three different banner ads are up and running on audio forums such as Gearslutz as of today. Here's one of them:

PI banner

December 1st, 2013 I've created some banner graphics that will be shown in audio forums very soon to promote Percussive Innuendo.
November 5th, 2013 I have recorded a video clip where I talk about the interesting history behind the forthcoming piano library 'Union Grand' and I have also finished the design for its logo. Subscribe to the mailing list to be notified when it's released.
November 4th, 2013 International production and sync library Intervox has published one of my tracks called Pieces of truth. The sparse percussion on it is all straight from Percussive Innuendo. I'm really glad to have that library myself!
October 30th, 2013 A couple of people have reported they can't load Percussive Innuendo Samples into Kontakt without always having to locate the samples. I created a short video tutorial on how to fix this problem (of course, this also works with other libraries). Watch the video here.
October 28th, 2013 I started preparing a very special grand piano for release. The actual instrument is just about finished, but I know you all want demos and extras, so please be patient. You'll appreciate the price tag - it will be free!
October 17th, 2013 PI logoThe root-sounds web page finally goes live! The first product Percussive Innuendo is ready for takeoff!
September, 2013 Jonathan Bridges, my writing partner, creates two demos for Percussive Innuendo. He's determined to create something with harmonies using only the library and puts the siren to work in Dragon's Awakening. The siren is also featured in his other track, L.A. Party Bust.
August 2013 I'm working full time on the web site, plus a trailer for Percussive Innuendo. Isabella is helping me with the graphics.
July 2013 Two great guys in my beta test team have contributed additional audio demos for Percussive Innuendo. You can hear their work on the demo page. Thanks to Sid De La Cruz and littlejamaicastudios!
July 15th, 2013 Another audio demo with sounds from Percussive Innuendo only appears on Soundcloud.
July 14th, 2013 The first audio demo is on Soundcloud. All sounds are taken directly from the library.
July 10th, 2013 Hooray, audio editing on the percussion library is finished and we now also have the official title: Percussive Innuendo.
June 2013 FX are added to the wet version of the percussion library. Also extra loops are being cut from the source material. Lots of exciting stuff is going on.
May 15th, 2013 The percussion library is growing significantly in size. Some more instruments are added and all sounds will be made available in dry and wet form. To each his own.
May 6th, 2013 The first set of sounds goes out to the test group. Lots more stuff to do and test.
April 25th, 2013 Editing the percussion sounds is in full swing. I decided to make the library available cross platform for a number of plug-ins. I need beta testers. A quick call via social channels gets immediate repsonse.
March 24th, 2013 Started editing on the (mostly orchestral) percussion library again. Konstantin, my editing assistant, has done some work on this a long time ago and we're trying to figure out where he left off.
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