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Space Drum

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Space Drum is neither about science fiction nor drums. It just so happens that the samples came from an instrument that bears a striking resemblance to a UFO (the kind that has been burned into our collective brains as the de facto transportation standard for aliens).

In reality, it is a rather large tongue drum, with an impressive sustain and a distinct folkish sound character. The Space Drum library is able to create a convincing rendition of the original by offering a diverse set of playing styles, ranging from standard hits, to taps, to palm muted tones, all in its original G pygmy tuning.

Playing in native G pygmy tuning may yield the most convicing rendition, but the Space Drum goes further by offering an alternative mode, affectionately called Rock 'n Roll mode. This lets you play in standard chromatic tuning as well and bring its tone color into any musical context without the pitch restraints imposed by the real instrument. In addition, Rock 'n Roll mode extends the playable range to 4 octaves.